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1 /**
2  * @file dhcpv6_debug.h
3  * @brief Data logging functions for debugging purpose (DHCPv6)
4  *
5  * @section License
6  *
7  * Copyright (C) 2010-2018 Oryx Embedded SARL. All rights reserved.
8  *
9  * This file is part of CycloneTCP Open.
10  *
11  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
12  * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
13  * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
14  * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
15  *
16  * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
17  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
19  * GNU General Public License for more details.
20  *
21  * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
22  * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
23  * Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
24  *
25  * @author Oryx Embedded SARL (www.oryx-embedded.com)
26  * @version 1.9.0
27  **/
29 #ifndef _DHCPV6_DEBUG_H
30 #define _DHCPV6_DEBUG_H
32 //Dependencies
33 #include "core/net.h"
34 #include "dhcpv6/dhcpv6_common.h"
35 #include "debug.h"
37 //C++ guard
38 #ifdef __cplusplus
39  extern "C" {
40 #endif
42 //Check current trace level
44  error_t dhcpv6DumpMessage(const void *message, size_t length);
45  error_t dhcpv6DumpOptions(const uint8_t *options, size_t length, uint_t level);
68 #else
69  #define dhcpv6DumpMessage(message, length)
70 #endif
72 //C++ guard
73 #ifdef __cplusplus
74  }
75 #endif
77 #endif
__start_packed struct @134 Dhcpv6Option
DHCPv6 option.
error_t dhcpv6DumpServerUnicastOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump Server Unicast option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:695
error_t dhcpv6DumpAuthOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump Authentication option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:659
error_t dhcpv6DumpIaNaOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump IA_NA option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:403
error_t dhcpv6DumpIaTaOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump IA_TA option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:435
uint8_t options[]
Definition: tcp.h:318
error_t dhcpv6DumpGenericOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump generic DHCPv6 option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:349
TCP/IP stack core.
Debugging facilities.
error_t dhcpv6DumpReconfMessageOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump Reconfigure Message option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:849
uint8_t message[]
Definition: chap.h:150
error_t dhcpv6DumpStatusCodeOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump Status Code option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:722
error_t dhcpv6DumpRelayMessageOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump Relay Message option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:597
uint8_t level
Definition: tls.h:1696
error_t dhcpv6DumpServerIdOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump Server Identifier option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:385
error_t dhcpv6DumpVendorClassOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump Vendor Class option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:795
Definitions common to DHCPv6 client, server and relay agent.
error_t dhcpv6DumpIaAddrOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump IA Address option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:465
error_t dhcpv6DumpDnsServersOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump DNS Recursive Name Server option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:897
error_t dhcpv6DumpClientIdOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump Client Identifier option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:367
Error codes.
Definition: error.h:40
unsigned int uint_t
Definition: compiler_port.h:43
error_t dhcpv6DumpMessage(const void *message, size_t length)
Dump DHCPv6 message for debugging purpose.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:121
error_t dhcpv6DumpOptions(const uint8_t *options, size_t length, uint_t level)
Dump DHCPv6 options for debugging purpose.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:206
error_t dhcpv6DumpRapidCommitOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump Rapid Commit option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:756
error_t dhcpv6DumpUserClassOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump User Class option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:777
error_t dhcpv6DumpReconfAcceptOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump Reconfigure Accept option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:876
error_t dhcpv6DumpElapsedTimeOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump Elapsed Time option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:567
uint8_t length
Definition: dtls_misc.h:140
error_t dhcpv6DumpDomainListOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump Domain Search List option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:931
error_t dhcpv6DumpOroOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump Option Request option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:497
error_t dhcpv6DumpPreferenceOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump Preference option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:540
error_t dhcpv6DumpVendorSpecificInfoOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump Vendor Specific Information option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:813
error_t dhcpv6DumpInterfaceIdOption(const Dhcpv6Option *option, uint_t level)
Dump Interface ID option.
Definition: dhcpv6_debug.c:831