Evaluation License

For evaluating our software alongside non-GPL software

Under Evaluation license, our software is provided in source form for a long-term evaluation (up to 90 days) with technical support for an easier onboarding and effective evaluation of our software.

Choose our Evaluation License for:


Proof of Concept

If you wish to receive our help to efficiently build your proof of concept, Evaluation License is the way to go.



Evaluation License offers a long-term evaluation (90 days). Plenty of time for discovering all our software features!


Non-GPL License

Evaluation License is ideal if you want to evaluate our software along with non-GPL software (no GPL contamination).

Choose our Commercial License for:


Commercial Use

If you intend to ship our software embedded in a commercial product with closed source, you are required to purchase a Commercial License.


Priority Support

With a Commercial License, you have access to priority technical support with software maintenance for updates & security patches.


IP Protection

We guarantee that 100% of our commercial software packages have been developed in-house without any third-party libraries.