rx63n_eth_driver.h File Reference

Renesas RX63N Ethernet MAC driver. More...

#include "core/nic.h"

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Data Structures

struct  Rx63nTxDmaDesc
 Transmit DMA descriptor. More...
struct  Rx63nRxDmaDesc
 Receive DMA descriptor. More...


#define RX63N_ETH_TX_BUFFER_SIZE   1536
#define RX63N_ETH_RX_BUFFER_SIZE   1536
#define RX63N_ETH_IRQ_PRIORITY   2
#define EDMAC_EESR_TWB   0x40000000
#define EDMAC_EESR_TABT   0x04000000
#define EDMAC_EESR_RABT   0x02000000
#define EDMAC_EESR_RFCOF   0x01000000
#define EDMAC_EESR_ADE   0x00800000
#define EDMAC_EESR_ECI   0x00400000
#define EDMAC_EESR_TC   0x00200000
#define EDMAC_EESR_TDE   0x00100000
#define EDMAC_EESR_TFUF   0x00080000
#define EDMAC_EESR_FR   0x00040000
#define EDMAC_EESR_RDE   0x00020000
#define EDMAC_EESR_RFOF   0x00010000
#define EDMAC_EESR_CND   0x00000800
#define EDMAC_EESR_DLC   0x00000400
#define EDMAC_EESR_CD   0x00000200
#define EDMAC_EESR_TRO   0x00000100
#define EDMAC_EESR_RMAF   0x00000080
#define EDMAC_EESR_RRF   0x00000010
#define EDMAC_EESR_RTLF   0x00000008
#define EDMAC_EESR_RTSF   0x00000004
#define EDMAC_EESR_PRE   0x00000002
#define EDMAC_EESR_CERF   0x00000001
#define EDMAC_TD0_TACT   0x80000000
#define EDMAC_TD0_TDLE   0x40000000
#define EDMAC_TD0_TFP_SOF   0x20000000
#define EDMAC_TD0_TFP_EOF   0x10000000
#define EDMAC_TD0_TFE   0x08000000
#define EDMAC_TD0_TWBI   0x04000000
#define EDMAC_TD0_TFS_MASK   0x0000010F
#define EDMAC_TD0_TFS_TABT   0x00000100
#define EDMAC_TD0_TFS_CND   0x00000008
#define EDMAC_TD0_TFS_DLC   0x00000004
#define EDMAC_TD0_TFS_CD   0x00000002
#define EDMAC_TD0_TFS_TRO   0x00000001
#define EDMAC_TD1_TBL   0xFFFF0000
#define EDMAC_RD0_RACT   0x80000000
#define EDMAC_RD0_RDLE   0x40000000
#define EDMAC_RD0_RFP_SOF   0x20000000
#define EDMAC_RD0_RFP_EOF   0x10000000
#define EDMAC_RD0_RFE   0x08000000
#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_MASK   0x0000039F
#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_RFOF   0x00000200
#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_RABT   0x00000100
#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_RMAF   0x00000080
#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_RRF   0x00000010
#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_RTLF   0x00000008
#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_RTSF   0x00000004
#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_PRE   0x00000002
#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_CERF   0x00000001
#define EDMAC_RD1_RBL   0xFFFF0000
#define EDMAC_RD1_RFL   0x0000FFFF


error_t rx63nEthInit (NetInterface *interface)
 RX63N Ethernet MAC initialization. More...
void rx63nEthInitGpio (NetInterface *interface)
void rx63nEthInitDmaDesc (NetInterface *interface)
 Initialize DMA descriptor lists. More...
void rx63nEthTick (NetInterface *interface)
 RX63N Ethernet MAC timer handler. More...
void rx63nEthEnableIrq (NetInterface *interface)
 Enable interrupts. More...
void rx63nEthDisableIrq (NetInterface *interface)
 Disable interrupts. More...
void rx63nEthEventHandler (NetInterface *interface)
 RX63N Ethernet MAC event handler. More...
error_t rx63nEthSendPacket (NetInterface *interface, const NetBuffer *buffer, size_t offset, NetTxAncillary *ancillary)
 Send a packet. More...
error_t rx63nEthReceivePacket (NetInterface *interface)
 Receive a packet. More...
error_t rx63nEthUpdateMacAddrFilter (NetInterface *interface)
 Configure MAC address filtering. More...
error_t rx63nEthUpdateMacConfig (NetInterface *interface)
 Adjust MAC configuration parameters for proper operation. More...
void rx63nEthWritePhyReg (uint8_t opcode, uint8_t phyAddr, uint8_t regAddr, uint16_t data)
 Write PHY register. More...
uint16_t rx63nEthReadPhyReg (uint8_t opcode, uint8_t phyAddr, uint8_t regAddr)
 Read PHY register. More...
void rx63nEthWriteSmi (uint32_t data, uint_t length)
 SMI write operation. More...
uint32_t rx63nEthReadSmi (uint_t length)
 SMI read operation. More...


const NicDriver rx63nEthDriver
 RX63N Ethernet MAC driver. More...

Detailed Description

Renesas RX63N Ethernet MAC driver.


SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later

Copyright (C) 2010-2020 Oryx Embedded SARL. All rights reserved.

This file is part of CycloneTCP Open.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.

Oryx Embedded SARL (www.oryx-embedded.com)

Definition in file rx63n_eth_driver.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define EDMAC_EESR_ADE   0x00800000

Definition at line 77 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_CD   0x00000200

Definition at line 87 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_CERF   0x00000001

Definition at line 94 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_CND   0x00000800

Definition at line 85 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_DLC   0x00000400

Definition at line 86 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_ECI   0x00400000

Definition at line 78 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_FR   0x00040000

Definition at line 82 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_PRE   0x00000002

Definition at line 93 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_RABT   0x02000000

Definition at line 75 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_RDE   0x00020000

Definition at line 83 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_RFCOF   0x01000000

Definition at line 76 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_RFOF   0x00010000

Definition at line 84 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_RMAF   0x00000080

Definition at line 89 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_RRF   0x00000010

Definition at line 90 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_RTLF   0x00000008

Definition at line 91 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_RTSF   0x00000004

Definition at line 92 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_TABT   0x04000000

Definition at line 74 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_TC   0x00200000

Definition at line 79 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_TDE   0x00100000

Definition at line 80 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_TFUF   0x00080000

Definition at line 81 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_TRO   0x00000100

Definition at line 88 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_EESR_TWB   0x40000000

Definition at line 73 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_RD0_RACT   0x80000000

Definition at line 113 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_RD0_RDLE   0x40000000

Definition at line 114 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_RD0_RFE   0x08000000

Definition at line 117 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_RD0_RFP_EOF   0x10000000

Definition at line 116 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_RD0_RFP_SOF   0x20000000

Definition at line 115 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_CERF   0x00000001

Definition at line 126 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_MASK   0x0000039F

Definition at line 118 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_PRE   0x00000002

Definition at line 125 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_RABT   0x00000100

Definition at line 120 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_RFOF   0x00000200

Definition at line 119 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_RMAF   0x00000080

Definition at line 121 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_RRF   0x00000010

Definition at line 122 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_RTLF   0x00000008

Definition at line 123 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_RD0_RFS_RTSF   0x00000004

Definition at line 124 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_RD1_RBL   0xFFFF0000

Definition at line 127 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_RD1_RFL   0x0000FFFF

Definition at line 128 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.



Definition at line 129 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_TD0_TACT   0x80000000

Definition at line 97 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_TD0_TDLE   0x40000000

Definition at line 98 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_TD0_TFE   0x08000000

Definition at line 101 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_TD0_TFP_EOF   0x10000000

Definition at line 100 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_TD0_TFP_SOF   0x20000000

Definition at line 99 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_TD0_TFS_CD   0x00000002

Definition at line 107 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_TD0_TFS_CND   0x00000008

Definition at line 105 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_TD0_TFS_DLC   0x00000004

Definition at line 106 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_TD0_TFS_MASK   0x0000010F

Definition at line 103 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_TD0_TFS_TABT   0x00000100

Definition at line 104 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_TD0_TFS_TRO   0x00000001

Definition at line 108 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_TD0_TWBI   0x04000000

Definition at line 102 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define EDMAC_TD1_TBL   0xFFFF0000

Definition at line 109 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.



Definition at line 110 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define RX63N_ETH_IRQ_PRIORITY   2

Definition at line 67 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.



Definition at line 53 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define RX63N_ETH_RX_BUFFER_SIZE   1536

Definition at line 60 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.



Definition at line 39 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.


#define RX63N_ETH_TX_BUFFER_SIZE   1536

Definition at line 46 of file rx63n_eth_driver.h.

Function Documentation

◆ rx63nEthDisableIrq()

void rx63nEthDisableIrq ( NetInterface interface)

Disable interrupts.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface

Definition at line 488 of file rx63n_eth_driver.c.

◆ rx63nEthEnableIrq()

void rx63nEthEnableIrq ( NetInterface interface)

Enable interrupts.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface

Definition at line 460 of file rx63n_eth_driver.c.

◆ rx63nEthEventHandler()

void rx63nEthEventHandler ( NetInterface interface)

RX63N Ethernet MAC event handler.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface

Definition at line 566 of file rx63n_eth_driver.c.

◆ rx63nEthInit()

error_t rx63nEthInit ( NetInterface interface)

RX63N Ethernet MAC initialization.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface
Error code

Definition at line 115 of file rx63n_eth_driver.c.

◆ rx63nEthInitDmaDesc()

void rx63nEthInitDmaDesc ( NetInterface interface)

Initialize DMA descriptor lists.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface

Definition at line 379 of file rx63n_eth_driver.c.

◆ rx63nEthInitGpio()

void rx63nEthInitGpio ( NetInterface interface)

◆ rx63nEthReadPhyReg()

uint16_t rx63nEthReadPhyReg ( uint8_t  opcode,
uint8_t  phyAddr,
uint8_t  regAddr 

Read PHY register.

[in]opcodeAccess type (2 bits)
[in]phyAddrPHY address (5 bits)
[in]regAddrRegister address (5 bits)
Register value

Definition at line 866 of file rx63n_eth_driver.c.

◆ rx63nEthReadSmi()

uint32_t rx63nEthReadSmi ( uint_t  length)

SMI read operation.

[in]lengthNumber of bits to be read
Data resulting from the MDIO read operation

Definition at line 939 of file rx63n_eth_driver.c.

◆ rx63nEthReceivePacket()

error_t rx63nEthReceivePacket ( NetInterface interface)

Receive a packet.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface
Error code

Definition at line 670 of file rx63n_eth_driver.c.

◆ rx63nEthSendPacket()

error_t rx63nEthSendPacket ( NetInterface interface,
const NetBuffer buffer,
size_t  offset,
NetTxAncillary ancillary 

Send a packet.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface
[in]bufferMulti-part buffer containing the data to send
[in]offsetOffset to the first data byte
[in]ancillaryAdditional options passed to the stack along with the packet
Error code

Definition at line 602 of file rx63n_eth_driver.c.

◆ rx63nEthTick()

void rx63nEthTick ( NetInterface interface)

RX63N Ethernet MAC timer handler.

This routine is periodically called by the TCP/IP stack to handle periodic operations such as polling the link state

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface

Definition at line 435 of file rx63n_eth_driver.c.

◆ rx63nEthUpdateMacAddrFilter()

error_t rx63nEthUpdateMacAddrFilter ( NetInterface interface)

Configure MAC address filtering.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface
Error code

Definition at line 748 of file rx63n_eth_driver.c.

◆ rx63nEthUpdateMacConfig()

error_t rx63nEthUpdateMacConfig ( NetInterface interface)

Adjust MAC configuration parameters for proper operation.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface
Error code

Definition at line 801 of file rx63n_eth_driver.c.

◆ rx63nEthWritePhyReg()

void rx63nEthWritePhyReg ( uint8_t  opcode,
uint8_t  phyAddr,
uint8_t  regAddr,
uint16_t  data 

Write PHY register.

[in]opcodeAccess type (2 bits)
[in]phyAddrPHY address (5 bits)
[in]regAddrRegister address (5 bits)
[in]dataRegister value

Definition at line 836 of file rx63n_eth_driver.c.

◆ rx63nEthWriteSmi()

void rx63nEthWriteSmi ( uint32_t  data,
uint_t  length 

SMI write operation.

[in]dataRaw data to be written
[in]lengthNumber of bits to be written

Definition at line 899 of file rx63n_eth_driver.c.

Variable Documentation

◆ rx63nEthDriver

const NicDriver rx63nEthDriver

RX63N Ethernet MAC driver.

Definition at line 88 of file rx63n_eth_driver.c.