_FtpClientConnection Struct Reference

FTP client connection. More...

#include <ftp_server.h>

Data Fields

 FTP server context. More...
 Underlying network interface. More...
bool_t userLoggedIn
 This flag tells whether the user is logged in. More...
systime_t timestamp
 Time stamp to manage timeout. More...
FtpServerChannel controlChannel
 Control channel. More...
FtpServerChannel dataChannel
 Data channel. More...
 File pointer. More...
 Directory pointer. More...
bool_t passiveMode
 Passive data transfer. More...
IpAddr remoteIpAddr
 Remote IP address. More...
uint16_t remotePort
 Remote port number. More...
 User name. More...
char_t homeDir [FTP_SERVER_MAX_HOME_DIR_LEN+1]
 Home directory. More...
char_t currentDir [FTP_SERVER_MAX_PATH_LEN+1]
 Current directory. More...
char_t path [FTP_SERVER_MAX_PATH_LEN+1]
 Pathname. More...
char_t command [FTP_SERVER_MAX_LINE_LEN+1]
 Incoming command. More...
size_t commandLen
 Number of bytes available in the command buffer. More...
char_t response [FTP_SERVER_MAX_LINE_LEN+1]
 Response buffer. More...
size_t responseLen
 Number of bytes available in the response buffer. More...
size_t responsePos
 Current position in the response buffer. More...
char_t buffer [FTP_SERVER_BUFFER_SIZE]
 Memory buffer for input/output operations. More...
size_t bufferLength
 Length of the buffer, in bytes. More...
size_t bufferPos
 Current position in the buffer. More...

Detailed Description

FTP client connection.

Definition at line 386 of file ftp_server.h.

Field Documentation

◆ buffer

Memory buffer for input/output operations.

Definition at line 408 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ bufferLength

size_t bufferLength

Length of the buffer, in bytes.

Definition at line 409 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ bufferPos

size_t bufferPos

Current position in the buffer.

Definition at line 410 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ command

Incoming command.

Definition at line 403 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ commandLen

size_t commandLen

Number of bytes available in the command buffer.

Definition at line 404 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ context

FtpServerContext* context

FTP server context.

Definition at line 388 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ controlChannel

FtpServerChannel controlChannel

Control channel.

Definition at line 392 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ currentDir

Current directory.

Definition at line 401 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ dataChannel

FtpServerChannel dataChannel

Data channel.

Definition at line 393 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ dir

FsDir* dir

Directory pointer.

Definition at line 395 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ file

FsFile* file

File pointer.

Definition at line 394 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ homeDir

Home directory.

Definition at line 400 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ interface

NetInterface* interface

Underlying network interface.

Definition at line 389 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ passiveMode

bool_t passiveMode

Passive data transfer.

Definition at line 396 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ path


Definition at line 402 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ remoteIpAddr

IpAddr remoteIpAddr

Remote IP address.

Definition at line 397 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ remotePort

uint16_t remotePort

Remote port number.

Definition at line 398 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ response

Response buffer.

Definition at line 405 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ responseLen

size_t responseLen

Number of bytes available in the response buffer.

Definition at line 406 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ responsePos

size_t responsePos

Current position in the response buffer.

Definition at line 407 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ timestamp

systime_t timestamp

Time stamp to manage timeout.

Definition at line 391 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ user

User name.

Definition at line 399 of file ftp_server.h.

◆ userLoggedIn

bool_t userLoggedIn

This flag tells whether the user is logged in.

Definition at line 390 of file ftp_server.h.

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