stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h File Reference

STM32F7 Ethernet MAC driver. More...

#include "core/nic.h"

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Data Structures

struct  Stm32f7xxTxDmaDesc
 Enhanced TX DMA descriptor. More...
struct  Stm32f7xxRxDmaDesc
 Enhanced RX DMA descriptor. More...


#define STM32F7XX_ETH_TX_BUFFER_SIZE   1536
#define STM32F7XX_ETH_RX_BUFFER_SIZE   1536
#define STM32F7XX_ETH_RAM_SECTION   ".ram_no_cache"
#define ETH_MACCR_RESERVED15   0x00008000
#define ETH_TDES0_OWN   0x80000000
#define ETH_TDES0_IC   0x40000000
#define ETH_TDES0_LS   0x20000000
#define ETH_TDES0_FS   0x10000000
#define ETH_TDES0_DC   0x08000000
#define ETH_TDES0_DP   0x04000000
#define ETH_TDES0_TTSE   0x02000000
#define ETH_TDES0_CIC   0x00C00000
#define ETH_TDES0_TER   0x00200000
#define ETH_TDES0_TCH   0x00100000
#define ETH_TDES0_TTSS   0x00020000
#define ETH_TDES0_IHE   0x00010000
#define ETH_TDES0_ES   0x00008000
#define ETH_TDES0_JT   0x00004000
#define ETH_TDES0_FF   0x00002000
#define ETH_TDES0_IPE   0x00001000
#define ETH_TDES0_LCA   0x00000800
#define ETH_TDES0_NC   0x00000400
#define ETH_TDES0_LCO   0x00000200
#define ETH_TDES0_EC   0x00000100
#define ETH_TDES0_VF   0x00000080
#define ETH_TDES0_CC   0x00000078
#define ETH_TDES0_ED   0x00000004
#define ETH_TDES0_UF   0x00000002
#define ETH_TDES0_DB   0x00000001
#define ETH_TDES1_TBS2   0x1FFF0000
#define ETH_TDES1_TBS1   0x00001FFF
#define ETH_RDES0_OWN   0x80000000
#define ETH_RDES0_AFM   0x40000000
#define ETH_RDES0_FL   0x3FFF0000
#define ETH_RDES0_ES   0x00008000
#define ETH_RDES0_DE   0x00004000
#define ETH_RDES0_SAF   0x00002000
#define ETH_RDES0_LE   0x00001000
#define ETH_RDES0_OE   0x00000800
#define ETH_RDES0_VLAN   0x00000400
#define ETH_RDES0_FS   0x00000200
#define ETH_RDES0_LS   0x00000100
#define ETH_RDES0_IPHCE_TSV   0x00000080
#define ETH_RDES0_LCO   0x00000040
#define ETH_RDES0_FT   0x00000020
#define ETH_RDES0_RWT   0x00000010
#define ETH_RDES0_RE   0x00000008
#define ETH_RDES0_DBE   0x00000004
#define ETH_RDES0_CE   0x00000002
#define ETH_RDES0_PCE_ESA   0x00000001
#define ETH_RDES1_DIC   0x80000000
#define ETH_RDES1_RBS2   0x1FFF0000
#define ETH_RDES1_RER   0x00008000
#define ETH_RDES1_RCH   0x00004000
#define ETH_RDES1_RBS1   0x00001FFF
#define ETH_RDES4_PV   0x00002000
#define ETH_RDES4_PFT   0x00001000
#define ETH_RDES4_PMT   0x00000F00
#define ETH_RDES4_IPV6PR   0x00000080
#define ETH_RDES4_IPV4PR   0x00000040
#define ETH_RDES4_IPCB   0x00000020
#define ETH_RDES4_IPPE   0x00000010
#define ETH_RDES4_IPHE   0x00000008
#define ETH_RDES4_IPPT   0x00000007


error_t stm32f7xxEthInit (NetInterface *interface)
 STM32F7 Ethernet MAC initialization. More...
void stm32f7xxEthInitGpio (NetInterface *interface)
void stm32f7xxEthInitDmaDesc (NetInterface *interface)
 Initialize DMA descriptor lists. More...
void stm32f7xxEthTick (NetInterface *interface)
 STM32F7 Ethernet MAC timer handler. More...
void stm32f7xxEthEnableIrq (NetInterface *interface)
 Enable interrupts. More...
void stm32f7xxEthDisableIrq (NetInterface *interface)
 Disable interrupts. More...
void stm32f7xxEthEventHandler (NetInterface *interface)
 STM32F7 Ethernet MAC event handler. More...
error_t stm32f7xxEthSendPacket (NetInterface *interface, const NetBuffer *buffer, size_t offset, NetTxAncillary *ancillary)
 Send a packet. More...
error_t stm32f7xxEthReceivePacket (NetInterface *interface)
 Receive a packet. More...
error_t stm32f7xxEthUpdateMacAddrFilter (NetInterface *interface)
 Configure MAC address filtering. More...
error_t stm32f7xxEthUpdateMacConfig (NetInterface *interface)
 Adjust MAC configuration parameters for proper operation. More...
void stm32f7xxEthWritePhyReg (uint8_t opcode, uint8_t phyAddr, uint8_t regAddr, uint16_t data)
 Write PHY register. More...
uint16_t stm32f7xxEthReadPhyReg (uint8_t opcode, uint8_t phyAddr, uint8_t regAddr)
 Read PHY register. More...
uint32_t stm32f7xxEthCalcCrc (const void *data, size_t length)
 CRC calculation. More...


const NicDriver stm32f7xxEthDriver
 STM32F7 Ethernet MAC driver. More...

Detailed Description

STM32F7 Ethernet MAC driver.


SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later

Copyright (C) 2010-2020 Oryx Embedded SARL. All rights reserved.

This file is part of CycloneTCP Open.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

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Oryx Embedded SARL (

Definition in file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define ETH_MACCR_RESERVED15   0x00008000

Definition at line 92 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_AFM   0x40000000

Definition at line 129 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_CE   0x00000002

Definition at line 145 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_DBE   0x00000004

Definition at line 144 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_DE   0x00004000

Definition at line 132 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_ES   0x00008000

Definition at line 131 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_FL   0x3FFF0000

Definition at line 130 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_FS   0x00000200

Definition at line 137 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_FT   0x00000020

Definition at line 141 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_IPHCE_TSV   0x00000080

Definition at line 139 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_LCO   0x00000040

Definition at line 140 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_LE   0x00001000

Definition at line 134 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_LS   0x00000100

Definition at line 138 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_OE   0x00000800

Definition at line 135 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_OWN   0x80000000

Definition at line 128 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_PCE_ESA   0x00000001

Definition at line 146 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_RE   0x00000008

Definition at line 143 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_RWT   0x00000010

Definition at line 142 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_SAF   0x00002000

Definition at line 133 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES0_VLAN   0x00000400

Definition at line 136 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES1_DIC   0x80000000

Definition at line 147 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES1_RBS1   0x00001FFF

Definition at line 151 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES1_RBS2   0x1FFF0000

Definition at line 148 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES1_RCH   0x00004000

Definition at line 150 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES1_RER   0x00008000

Definition at line 149 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.



Definition at line 152 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.



Definition at line 153 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES4_IPCB   0x00000020

Definition at line 159 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES4_IPHE   0x00000008

Definition at line 161 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES4_IPPE   0x00000010

Definition at line 160 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES4_IPPT   0x00000007

Definition at line 162 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES4_IPV4PR   0x00000040

Definition at line 158 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES4_IPV6PR   0x00000080

Definition at line 157 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES4_PFT   0x00001000

Definition at line 155 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES4_PMT   0x00000F00

Definition at line 156 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_RDES4_PV   0x00002000

Definition at line 154 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.



Definition at line 163 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.



Definition at line 164 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_CC   0x00000078

Definition at line 116 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_CIC   0x00C00000

Definition at line 102 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_DB   0x00000001

Definition at line 119 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_DC   0x08000000

Definition at line 99 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_DP   0x04000000

Definition at line 100 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_EC   0x00000100

Definition at line 114 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_ED   0x00000004

Definition at line 117 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_ES   0x00008000

Definition at line 107 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_FF   0x00002000

Definition at line 109 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_FS   0x10000000

Definition at line 98 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_IC   0x40000000

Definition at line 96 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_IHE   0x00010000

Definition at line 106 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_IPE   0x00001000

Definition at line 110 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_JT   0x00004000

Definition at line 108 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_LCA   0x00000800

Definition at line 111 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_LCO   0x00000200

Definition at line 113 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_LS   0x20000000

Definition at line 97 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_NC   0x00000400

Definition at line 112 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_OWN   0x80000000

Definition at line 95 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_TCH   0x00100000

Definition at line 104 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_TER   0x00200000

Definition at line 103 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_TTSE   0x02000000

Definition at line 101 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_TTSS   0x00020000

Definition at line 105 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_UF   0x00000002

Definition at line 118 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES0_VF   0x00000080

Definition at line 115 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES1_TBS1   0x00001FFF

Definition at line 121 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define ETH_TDES1_TBS2   0x1FFF0000

Definition at line 120 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.



Definition at line 122 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.



Definition at line 123 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.



Definition at line 124 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.



Definition at line 125 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.



Definition at line 74 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.



Definition at line 67 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.



Definition at line 81 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define STM32F7XX_ETH_RAM_SECTION   ".ram_no_cache"

Definition at line 88 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.



Definition at line 53 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define STM32F7XX_ETH_RX_BUFFER_SIZE   1536

Definition at line 60 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.



Definition at line 39 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.


#define STM32F7XX_ETH_TX_BUFFER_SIZE   1536

Definition at line 46 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.h.

Function Documentation

◆ stm32f7xxEthCalcCrc()

uint32_t stm32f7xxEthCalcCrc ( const void *  data,
size_t  length 

CRC calculation.

[in]dataPointer to the data over which to calculate the CRC
[in]lengthNumber of bytes to process
Resulting CRC value

Definition at line 1082 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.c.

◆ stm32f7xxEthDisableIrq()

void stm32f7xxEthDisableIrq ( NetInterface interface)

Disable interrupts.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface

Definition at line 577 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.c.

◆ stm32f7xxEthEnableIrq()

void stm32f7xxEthEnableIrq ( NetInterface interface)

Enable interrupts.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface

Definition at line 549 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.c.

◆ stm32f7xxEthEventHandler()

void stm32f7xxEthEventHandler ( NetInterface interface)

STM32F7 Ethernet MAC event handler.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface

Definition at line 657 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.c.

◆ stm32f7xxEthInit()

error_t stm32f7xxEthInit ( NetInterface interface)

STM32F7 Ethernet MAC initialization.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface
Error code

Definition at line 119 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.c.

◆ stm32f7xxEthInitDmaDesc()

void stm32f7xxEthInitDmaDesc ( NetInterface interface)

Initialize DMA descriptor lists.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface

Definition at line 455 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.c.

◆ stm32f7xxEthInitGpio()

void stm32f7xxEthInitGpio ( NetInterface interface)

◆ stm32f7xxEthReadPhyReg()

uint16_t stm32f7xxEthReadPhyReg ( uint8_t  opcode,
uint8_t  phyAddr,
uint8_t  regAddr 

Read PHY register.

[in]opcodeAccess type (2 bits)
[in]phyAddrPHY address (5 bits)
[in]regAddrRegister address (5 bits)
Register value

Definition at line 1036 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.c.

◆ stm32f7xxEthReceivePacket()

error_t stm32f7xxEthReceivePacket ( NetInterface interface)

Receive a packet.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface
Error code

Definition at line 756 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.c.

◆ stm32f7xxEthSendPacket()

error_t stm32f7xxEthSendPacket ( NetInterface interface,
const NetBuffer buffer,
size_t  offset,
NetTxAncillary ancillary 

Send a packet.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface
[in]bufferMulti-part buffer containing the data to send
[in]offsetOffset to the first data byte
[in]ancillaryAdditional options passed to the stack along with the packet
Error code

Definition at line 692 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.c.

◆ stm32f7xxEthTick()

void stm32f7xxEthTick ( NetInterface interface)

STM32F7 Ethernet MAC timer handler.

This routine is periodically called by the TCP/IP stack to handle periodic operations such as polling the link state

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface

Definition at line 524 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.c.

◆ stm32f7xxEthUpdateMacAddrFilter()

error_t stm32f7xxEthUpdateMacAddrFilter ( NetInterface interface)

Configure MAC address filtering.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface
Error code

Definition at line 829 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.c.

◆ stm32f7xxEthUpdateMacConfig()

error_t stm32f7xxEthUpdateMacConfig ( NetInterface interface)

Adjust MAC configuration parameters for proper operation.

[in]interfaceUnderlying network interface
Error code

Definition at line 951 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.c.

◆ stm32f7xxEthWritePhyReg()

void stm32f7xxEthWritePhyReg ( uint8_t  opcode,
uint8_t  phyAddr,
uint8_t  regAddr,
uint16_t  data 

Write PHY register.

[in]opcodeAccess type (2 bits)
[in]phyAddrPHY address (5 bits)
[in]regAddrRegister address (5 bits)
[in]dataRegister value

Definition at line 994 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.c.

Variable Documentation

◆ stm32f7xxEthDriver

const NicDriver stm32f7xxEthDriver

STM32F7 Ethernet MAC driver.

Definition at line 92 of file stm32f7xx_eth_driver.c.